On the Road Again

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So, we leave at the crack of dawn tomorrow to catch our flight to DC. You might think a sane person would be packing and/or going to bed at a time like this, but I never claimed to be sane.

I’m really looking forward to spending a week+ with friends and family. This will be our last trip before the baby comes, and I plan to relish every moment of not having bottles tested by TSA, not having to gate check a carseat and a stroller, and not spending the whole flight with a screaming infant on my lap. These are the things I’ll remind myself of when my belly makes it impossible to find a comfortable sitting position, and when I’m counting down the minutes until we land.

I realize this post was mainly pointless, I’m trying to force myself to post every day. Fair warning: unless I somehow get a lot of crafting done on the airplane tomorrow, that post will probably be equally dull. But I am bringing my Copics and a few essentials with me, so things will get a little more interesting by Friday, I swear.

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