New Toy Tuesday: Happy Feet

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Y’all know by now that I’m the kind of person who thinks of a new hobby, then goes out and purchases all necessary (and some unnecessary) supplies, then starts the hobby. Sewing is no exception.

I swore I was buying a sewing machine for papercrafting. And I swore I would not go overboard. But oh my gah, the possibilities that this little machine opens up are just endless. Endless, I say! Don’t believe me? Ask my Pinterest.

So when the instructor in my first-ever sewing class demonstrated the walking foot and the free-motion foot, I had to have them both. Apparently, I’m into quilting now. I even bought batting for a crib-sized quilt. (Fabric and a pattern? Not so much. I am horrible at decisions and still haven’t decided what I want the nursery to look like.)

I had hoped to make something simple and awesome–like a potholder–to show of my skills with my new feet. But wouldn’t you know, it actually takes some practice to get the hang of these things. What I ended up with was a square-ish scrap of fabric that looks like something my kid will create sometime in the next five years. When she does, I will be so proud of her; but at the moment I’m not at all proud of me. So I will get practicing, and hopefully I’ll have something decent to show for it before I decide to take up something new. Like underwater basket weaving.

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