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Well, my blogging every day thing lasted a long time, didn’t it? We left for the airport at 7:30 yesterday morning, and landed in DC at 7 last night. That sounds like a lot more traveling than it was. The flight was uneventful and fairly painless. We did have some of the rudest flight attendants I’ve ever experienced, but since their attitudes weren’t directed at me, I mostly found it hilarious. You’ve gotta love United Airlines.

Today Jesse worked most of the day, then we headed to our old stomping ground downtown. There I came to the realization that I’ve turned into a total Californian. I don’t own a maternity winter coat, because up until this afternoon I haven’t needed one. I’m seriously considering buying one tomorrow just to use for the week. It was only 46 degrees today. Back in Syracuse I’d have considered this sundress weather. Now it’s frigid.

Anyway, all that to say I haven’t done any crafting in the last 2 days. BUT, I’m sneaky and I uploaded a bunch of pictures of cards I made recently but never posted. Here’s one:

I love the paper–so whimsical. This was one of the cards from my 4 class series on Glitter Ritz cards. The last class is on December 4 (and there are still spots left). I don’t know what cards we’ll be making, because I haven’t designed them yet.

Here’s some more detail on the glitter. I used Copics R37, G85 and Y28 over Highlight Glitter Ritz. Don’t you love how how there’s always a Copic color to match your paper?

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