Glitter Ritz Christmas Cards

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This card is a re-run. I sent an almost-identical one to my parents last year. It came up yesterday at dinner, when my brother informed his new girlfriend that “All Christy does is color and make crafts. But she’s a really good colorer…it looks like it came from a printer.” I won’t object to people thinking crafts are “all I do” if afterwards they want to sit around and talk about how good I am.

Anyway, I loved this card when I made it last year, so much so that I kept the idea in my back pocket and used it for one of my classes this year. Coloring on Glitter Ritz with Copics takes some practice, but once you get the basics down it’s a lot of fun, and it produces such a gorgeous effect. The trick is in using as little ink as possible. With your colored markers, you just want to lightly touch the tip a few times to the edges of the area you want colored. Then dab overtop with the blender pen until the ink bleeds outwards. If you brush the markers (like you would in normal coloring), you’ll just end up removing glitter. So remember, little dots!

The colors here are G82 (trees) and 85 (Holly Leaves) with R35 for the berries and R35 for the trunks. I embellished with tiny gems from Memory Box.

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