Catching Up

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Am I the only one wondering what the heck happened to November? I haven’t even posted a picture of my Halloween costume yet. Of course, I was only home for about a week out of the past six, so that could be why I feel like I’ve missed so much. [read more…]

Mica Color

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A couple months ago, we got a new product at Memories Live On called Mica Color. It’s an iridescent watercolor paint that comes in pallets of 10 colors. I spent some time experimenting with the Vintage pallet, and I love them. Here are, of course, a couple more cards from [read more…]

Glitter Ritz Christmas Cards

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This card is a re-run. I sent an almost-identical one to my parents last year. It came up yesterday at dinner, when my brother informed his new girlfriend that “All Christy does is color and make crafts. But she’s a really good colorer…it looks like it came from a printer.” [read more…]

Home Sweet Home

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Well, my blogging every day thing lasted a long time, didn’t it? We left for the airport at 7:30 yesterday morning, and landed in DC at 7 last night. That sounds like a lot more traveling than it was. The flight was uneventful and fairly painless. We did have some [read more…]

On the Road Again

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So, we leave at the crack of dawn tomorrow to catch our flight to DC. You might think a sane person would be packing and/or going to bed at a time like this, but I never claimed to be sane. I’m really looking forward to spending a week+ with friends [read more…]

New Toy Tuesday: Happy Feet

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Y’all know by now that I’m the kind of person who thinks of a new hobby, then goes out and purchases all necessary (and some unnecessary) supplies, then starts the hobby. Sewing is no exception. I swore I was buying a sewing machine for papercrafting. And I swore I would [read more…]