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We’re finally heading to South Dakota tomorrow. For real this time. I have lots to do before we leave, so I’ve been horrible about blogging. But I have some tidbits.

Yesterday I learned that Joann’s and Michael’s have iphone aps. I’ve known for awhile that they’ll scan coupons from your phone screen, but now you don’t even have to browse through the safari to get them. I wish the rest of my life could be this easy.

Today I made five glitter ritz cards, which I’ll be teaching in my next two classes at MLO (November 12 and 13). Of course, I didn’t have my camera with me at the store, but Vivian tells me she’ll put pictures up on Facebook and in the newsletter. And if you really want to see them, you can stop by the store in person (they’re running a buy one, get one 50% off sale on Tim Holtz dies, so it’s worth the trip).

I’m off now to take a break from cleaning and packing. I’ve got another sewing class, and tonight I’m making my first real thing! It’s a travel pillow, so perfect timing. If it doesn’t suck, I’ll try to show off a picture or two tomorrow.

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