Hi From South Dakota

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I’m writing this from the living room of my grandparents’-in-law. Jesse, Herbert and I left San Jose on Friday evening and arrived yesterday afternoon. You might think three days of driving with a husband and a dog–while 6 months pregnant–would be a drag, but we had a great time. We’re [read more…]


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We’re finally heading to South Dakota tomorrow. For real this time. I have lots to do before we leave, so I’ve been horrible about blogging. But I have some tidbits. Yesterday I learned that Joann’s and Michael’s have iphone aps. I’ve known for awhile that they’ll scan coupons from your [read more…]

Sewing School

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I have my second sewing class tonight. Last week we learned how to thread the machine and fill bobbins. We also learned a whole whole lot about all the different threads and needles and feet and other accessories I need to buy that are available. Tonight’s class will be exciting [read more…]

“Coral” Paper

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Today is my parents’ 35th wedding anniversary. Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad! They’re in Nantucket, celebrating. I hope when I’m married 35 years I get to travel as much as they do. Two weeks ago they were in Europe. 6 months ago they were on a cross-country drive. And now [read more…]