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So, uh, happy September. Can someone tell me where the summer went? I feel like I missed it. Apparently, kids are back in school already and everything.

I’ve taken up a new hobby, of sorts, in hopes that it will help slow the passage of time a little bit. It’s called Project365, and I don’t actually expect it to slow down time. What it will do is help me (or force me) to record and remember the little moments of every day that are so easily forgotten. The idea is to record a year in your life using one photo per day.

I won’t always post my project photos here, but you can follow my flickr photostream here. I will post noteworthy ones (or ones I take on days I don’t have a craft to share). So with out further ado: Picture 1/366 (because 2012 is a leap year).

I’m finally starting to show a little, so I decided to try a little twist on the self-portrait. I still fit into my regular jeans, but thanks to the three bra sizes I’ve gained I’m stuck in the stretchiest of my stretchy t-shirts until I can get to the mall. This one was a gift from my mother-in-law–a little way to remember home. The rug was one of Jesse’s first purchases after he bought his condo. It’s also the cleanest bit of floor in the house. Oops.

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