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Our trip to South Dakota got postponed by a month, derailing any and all sense of productivity I had going into the week. The problem with having a husband who’s really good at his job is that sometimes his job just can’t handle him being away for 2 weeks. Why do you have to be so awesome, Jess?

My list of things to do before we leave just got a month-long extension, and I’ve taken full advantage by reinstating the mid-afternoon nap. I also declared today Five Guys Thursday, so my “nap” was a little more like a “food coma.” I’m awake now, though. Sort of.

Anyway, I’ve been on a bit of a shopping binge over the last few weeks, and I haven’t done a New Toy Tuesday in awhile, so I figured I’d share some of my goodies today.

First, my newest acquisition, which just came in today. Dun-da-da-daaaaaaa:

The limited edition Fall Series Distress Inks! This brings the grand total to 39 colors (including 9 shades of brown)! I lub them. They’ll be making their way into plenty of future make-and-takes, I’m sure.

Next, those of you who have been foretelling this for months can commence the maniacal laughter now.

Craft luggage. Oh, the humanity. I do have to say it’s more convenient than schlepping 38 cardboard boxes between here and MLO 4 times a week. And this beauty only cost me $25. Thank you, MLO flea market.

Rounding out my flea market finds are brand new sets of pastels and watercolor crayons. For when I get tired of markers. Ha. As if.

And, that’s the big stuff for now. The next acquisition on my list is a sewing machine. Just gotta pick it out. And learn to sew…

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  1. Sara

    Ha ha ha (manically, of course.)

    I was given a old sewing machine (circa 1970-something) a year ago, and I have never taken it out of my husband's trunk. If you want to borrow/take it, I'd be happy to bring it to you. That way you can try the sewing thing without investment. I don't see asking for it back, unless you get a new one, then I'd rather get it back.

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