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My friend Danielle’s adorable son Dexter is turning 3 in October, and they’re having an M&M themed party for him. My mom taught me from a very young age that a party just isn’t a party without M&Ms, so it sounds to me like this party is going to be the best.

To fit the theme, Danielle wanted to find a way to turn the party-goers into M&Ms, She was going to use an exacto knife to cut out a ton of Ms from sticky paper for people to put on their shirts. That seemed like way to much work, so I volunteered my trusty Pazzles to make it happen. Fun fact: the M&M font is aachen SB bold. All I had to do was download the font and cut to my hearts content.

I decided to use white contact paper to make the Ms, figuring it would be easiest to stick and remove. Vinyl is also a little more flexible and durable than paper, so it will hold up much better to a bunch of sugar-crazed 3-year-olds.

I used the back of an old green t-shirt as my test case. The final Ms were cut to about half this size to be more similar to actual M&M proportions. Otherwise, the shirt came out exactly the way I wanted it. I hope everyone likes their shirts, and I’m sure the party will be a huge success!

Helpful Hint: Yes, Pazzles and Cricut and all the other companies that make cutters sell sheets of vinyl to cut with their machines. Contact paper is exactly the same thing, and it’s way cheaper. One 12×24 sheet from Cricut was something like $9. I got 4 rolls from the dollar store for less than half that.

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