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My friend Danielle’s adorable son Dexter is turning 3 in October, and they’re having an M&M themed party for him. My mom taught me from a very young age that a party just isn’t a party without M&Ms, so it sounds to me like this party is going to be [read more…]

New Toy…Thursday

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Our trip to South Dakota got postponed by a month, derailing any and all sense of productivity I had going into the week. The problem with having a husband who’s really good at his job is that sometimes his job just can’t handle him being away for 2 weeks. Why [read more…]


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The husband, the dog and I are leaving Friday night for a road trip to South Dakota. I have so much to do, so what am I doing? Drinking a sarsaparilla and surfing the internet. Aside from the normal cleaning, packing and shopping that accompanies a normal vacation, I’ve got [read more…]

TSB Challenge and A Belated Birthday

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My sister turned 24 on the 7th. I didn’t forget her birthday, I swear. You can check her facebook page. I did get a little behind on my card-making though. But it’s done now, so here it is. I used Cynthia on Birthday Cake from The Stamping Boutique, and I [read more…]