Where Have I Been?

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IN MY NEW BACK YARD! Just to be clear, the house is not new, but the yard is. I know I said we were moving way back in May, but we changed our minds. One of the things that really made us want to move was the yard. I wish [read more…]

Whose idea was this?

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I’m making baby stationery, and quickly remembering why I usually only produce one of every card I design. As much as I love coloring, I’m not a big fan of repetition. [read more…]

Glimmer Mist and Flowers

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Tattered Angels has a new line of chalkboard glimmer mists. They still sparkle, but the colors are a little more muted. Thumbs up. Paper flowers are great for cards you don’t have to put in the mail. And they are so much fun to spray, as long as you don’t [read more…]

Christmas Cards?!

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It can’t possibly be that time of year already, can it? It can when you work in retail. Christmas stuff started trickling into the store a few weeks ago, so sample making season is upon us. I made this with a stamp and die combo from Memory Box.  You know [read more…]

All That Jazz

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  My Moredad celebrated his 90th birthday on August 8. I hope he’s gotten this card by now, because I mailed it on the 5th. I decorated the inside and everything. You may remember how awesome my grandparents are from this post, but in case you don’t, I’ll tell you [read more…]

Herbert’s Rough Day

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Herbert cut her tail. For a normal dog, this wouldn’t be a huge problem. But for a dog with an extremely high pain threshold, and an extremely low OMGTHISISTHEMOSTFUNTHINGEVER threshold, it’s kind of a mess. Every wag sent arcs of blood flying. So she got it bandaged up. But of [read more…]