Retail Therapy

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I’m not normally one to play the “I deserve it” card, but the last two weeks have been shit. Things are looking up, though, for a lot of reasons. Here are 29 of them:Squee! Yes, Copic prices are going up on Monday. So if there are any colors you’ve been [read more…]

Still Glowin’

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I have my Wordpress dashboard set up to show one line of the song “Hello, Dolly” in the top right corner every time I log in. I don’t know why, but it makes me smile. Anyway, I’m in the middle of a short, unexpected break from crafting. I hope to [read more…]

House Mouse

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I made this card to show off (and teach) my second favorite coloring method: painting with Distress Inks. We had great fun making these cards for Tool Time Tuesday today at MLO. I know I’ve mentioned it before, but this method is as easy as smearing your ink pad across [read more…]

Patriotic AJ

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I intended to make/post this card for the 4th of July, but I was traveling then I was working, then I forgot about it, and now here we are, only 14 days late. Whatever. We don’t have to limit our celebration of the USA to one day, do we? I [read more…]

It’s 7:14

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The laundry is folded, the kitchen is clean, but there are no crafts. My time management skills leave much to be desired. I still need to come up with a make-and-take for next Tuesday, and I’m coming up empty. My best idea so far is some kind of collage with [read more…]

Kraft Glassine and Perfect Pearls

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When I first made this card, I thought it was weird. I still do, to a point. It’s definitely not summery, and the whole crows plus crumpled paper plus lots of brown isn’t quite my normal style. I was even worried about using this design for a make and take, [read more…]