The Truth

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I know, I know. I’ve been MIA for a week. Before that my posting was sporadic at best. And when I am around, I’m complaining about some mystery sickness/allergies/fatigue/whatever. I’m sure you’ve all concluded that I’m either dying or a giant lazy whiner. The good news is I’m not dying. The bad news is that I am a giant lazy whiner. But the best news is this.

Baby Alfred, as we’re calling her (or him), is due sometime around the 25th of January. Jesse and I are ecstatic. Herbert is dubious.

This is my favorite ultrasound picture ever, because if you squint just right the gray dots form a smiley face on what is probably the baby’s butt. But I like to pretend Alfred is just really excited to meet me.

In other news, I’m heading out to tomorrow to Wichita, KS for Copic Intermediate Certification. I’m so glad they’re holding it in such an international hub. It’ll be a shame to be cooped up inside coloring all day, when I could be exploring the best Kansas has to offer. But seriously, I am looking forward to it.

After Kansas, I go directly to Maryland for a week. Two of my lovely and amazing cousins are getting married (not to each other), so I get to spend some long-overdue time with the fam. I’ll also get to see some old friends, and I’ll likely be dragged through every baby-related store in the greater DC Metropolitan Area by my mom.

So what I’m saying is, posting will continue to be sporadic for the next week and a half. But I get home on the 3rd, and rumor has it that by then I’ll be nearing the end of this whole morning sickness thing. I’m not saying I’ll be back to daily posting by then, but I’ll try.

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