Still Alive, Barely

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I know a lot of people who say they never suffered from allergies until they lived in California for about two years. I was always skeptical, but no more. I’ve been here about 21 months, and suddenly last week I was hit with the worst stuffy nose/watery eyes/sore throat/sneezing I’ve ever experienced. I slept sitting up for 2 nights. Ask Jesse how much I whined. On second thought, don’t.

I’m feeling much better today. My nose is still a little stuffy, but at least I’m not breathing through my mouth.

ANYWAY, since I was sick all week I never got a chance to draw the winner for my HUGE birthday giveaway. Let’s do that now, shall we?

And the winner is…Garden of Grace! Grace, shoot me an email (christyishobbyhopping AT to claim your prize!

Thank you so much to everyone for participating.

Now that I’m back to feeling better, I’ll try my hardest to get back on a regular posting schedule.

6 Comments on “Still Alive, Barely”

  1. Tracey GardenOfGrace

    OK, I'm not sure why that last comment posted. What I said is: I meant to include my first comment, that I'm sorry your allergies have been bad and that I hope you are back to full health soon! Thanks again!


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