The Truth

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I know, I know. I’ve been MIA for a week. Before that my posting was sporadic at best. And when I am around, I’m complaining about some mystery sickness/allergies/fatigue/whatever. I’m sure you’ve all concluded that I’m either dying or a giant lazy whiner. The good news is I’m not dying. [read more…]

Photo Files

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I enjoy Mondays, probably more than most people. I always start with an overly-optimistic list of all the great things I’m going to do. Friday is when I look back with regret and wonder where my week went. Today I went to work and made this. Then I came home, [read more…]


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I’m still not feeling 100% (I think it’s going to be a looooong allergy season for me), but coloring always makes me feel better. This is Goldilocks from The Stamping Boutique. I like coloring full scenes, but I rarely actually do. They take a lot longer. And then I don’t [read more…]

Still Alive, Barely

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I know a lot of people who say they never suffered from allergies until they lived in California for about two years. I was always skeptical, but no more. I’ve been here about 21 months, and suddenly last week I was hit with the worst stuffy nose/watery eyes/sore throat/sneezing I’ve [read more…]