I know.

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I’ve only made one lame post this week. And now I feel like I need to make something spectacular to make up for it. But that’s a lot of pressure, which makes it hard to think of something to make. It’s a vicious cycle, you know?

I have so many things on my to-do list, and so little focus, that I keep starting projects and abandoning them halfway through. For example, I started this post over an hour ago. Then I put in a load of laundry (which is still waiting to go in the dryer), then I started paying bills, then I got completely lost in a game (okay, many games) of minesweeper, and now I’m back to blogging. Herbert needs a walk. I’m going to be hungry soon. There’s more laundry to be done. Is it possible for someone who doesn’t work to need a vacation? Because if it is, I’m that person.

I’m off to do more chores. And then I’m going to make something, I swear. With any luck I’ll finish it in time to photograph and post tonight.

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  1. Watilda

    Can you update the What You Pay For blog? I sent in some questions and I really hope the advice blog is stll running. We still check it every day!

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