A Little Bee

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I got stung by a bee today. Little jerk was hanging out in the front seat of my car and I leaned right into him when I went to sit down. Not fun. It wasn’t the most painful thing in the world, but the combination of “Ouch! What was that?” [read more…]

How Not To Sell A House

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Sorry for the sporadic updates as of late. My husband and I are trying to buy a house, and much of my time over the last week has been devoted to listing our condo on the east coast, looking at houses here, and loan paperwork. Fun times, let me tell [read more…]

Happy Belated Easter

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I told you I’d be back. I had an extremely busy afternoon, and somehow managed to waste an hour and a half of my time on hold with Comcast. Of course, my problem has not been resolved, so I get to repeat the fun tomorrow. Word to the wise: when [read more…]

Inky Hands

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So these days, I’m at a point where the ink on my hands from one project doesn’t have a chance to wash off before it’s covered with ink from the next project. I’m pretty sure my fingernails are now permanently dyed purple. I love it though. I may never be [read more…]

Copics on Watercolor Paper

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Sometimes, as much as I want to color an image with Copics, I know that crisp, smooth, bright white paper just won’t go with my overall card design. And then what’s a girl to do? For this tiki stamp from Hambo, I wanted to use rustic, textured paper that would [read more…]

New Look!

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What do you think? It’s still very much a work in progress, but at least there’s progress being made. If you visited yesterday while I was fooling with things I apologize. In the future I’ll try to keep my playing to late night. At the moment I don’t have much [read more…]