What’s This? New Toy Tuesday?

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It’s about damn time, right? I know people were worried that I’d stopped buying craft supplies. That is not the case, at all. As evidenced by this pictures.

First–and this could be cause for concern–the infection has spread to craft luggage. Add another thing to the list of stuff I never thought I would need but actually do. As I’ve started teaching more I’ve realized that I need a better way to carry things. I feel like a hobo walking into the store with my priority mail flat rate boxes. This was on sale, and not hideous, and provides me a way to carry my inks and stuff in (relative) style. It still doesn’t fit everything, though. I fear that my next step will be the rolling craft suitcase.

Probably my most exciting purchase in recent history is the large circle cutter from Martha Stewart Crafts. This is one of those items that I tried to live without, but just couldn’t. Now that I’ve got it, it’s up there with the rotary trimmer and scoring board on my list of things I can’t believe I haven’t had my entire life. Seriously, when I have kids, forget onesies. They need scoring boards and circle cutters.

Of course the Copic collection is continuing to expand. We’re up to 124.

This, I’m reasonably sure, is a year’s supply of ATG tape. I got it from FramingSupplies.com for a little over $4.00 a roll (including shipping). It may not last that long. Right now I’m only going through about a roll a month, but that could always increase.

Also pictured: I recently picked up some Grunge Paper, Tattered Angels Glimmer Chips, and Adirondack Color Wash. These are mostly for experimental purposes. I have to admit, so far the experiments aren’t going well, but I haven’t exhausted all my options, so I’ll do real reviews of these products in the coming weeks.

3 Comments on “What’s This? New Toy Tuesday?”

  1. Queenie Jeannie

    I love shopping for crafty supplies too!! Now I have to do all my shopping online, but it's still fun, lol. I'm addicted to Copics as well. There are 12 new colors just out!

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