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My husband asked me to make him iPhone decals with his company’s logo on them. I figured it would be a fun and interesting challenge, and it would also allow me to buy new things.

I have an old old Xyron machine. Do people still use those? I’m assuming they don’t based on the cartridge selection at basically every Michael’s I’ve ever been to. I’ve basically abandoned mine because the adhesive is expensive and I have so many other options for sticking pieces of paper to other pieces of paper.

But sometimes it comes in handy, which only reinforces the necessity of crafters also being hoarders. What do you mean I should sell the stuff I don’t use anymore? I might need it someday. Like today.

I got a roll of laminate/adhesive so that my stickers would be nice and shiny and smooth, and I printed the high-res logo on medium weight card stock.

Note: I learned after these pictures were taken that Xyron isn’t messing around when they tell you their adhesive is permanent. My phone is pretty much covered in sticky goop now (no worries, I have some Goo Gone around here somewhere). I’m going to need to locate a laminate/repositionable adhesive cartridge somewhere.

It’s a little too big, but that’s an easy fix. The harder fix is that my sad little printer is not up for this kind of job. Or don’t you like being able to see every line of ink? It’s going to be a stretch convincing my husband that I need a photo printer for this, but really I do. Really. He won’t let me get an air compressor either. My life is so hard.

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  1. Miranda

    looks very nice Christy
    and be a little naughty, don't ask your hubby for a new printer, just buy one;-)


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