Herbert is Watching

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And judging.

I feel like I’ve been working all day and have accomplished nothing. The truth is that neither one of those is true.

I wrote a blog post for The Crop Spot (a riveting treatise on glue. Not kidding.), I made and submitted a card for a magazine publication call, I scheduled posts for the Hambo and TSB blog hops happening tomorrow and Saturday, and I walked Herbert. Oh, and I (or I should say Hambo) won another challenge. Thank you, Jac-Inks, for making me top 3! I’ve also spent a fair amount of time reading the internet, snacking on anything I can get my hands on, and generally being a bum.

What I haven’t done is cleaned the kitchen, cleared off my desk, or made anything that I can post for you today. I’m off to remedy the first two right now, but I think we’re all out of luck on the third. Sorry about that.

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