A Rare Sight

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Be amazed. Be very amazed.

That’s right: A CLEAN DESK. Look! Even the trash can is emptied.

Of course, there’s probably a reason I cropped this picture so you can only see the desk. Probably. But we’ll take small victories.

Anyway, in an effort to keep this going for a few minutes, I don’t think I’m going to craft today. That will probably end up being a lie, but I definitely have some laundry to do, and this space will most likely be back to its normal state by dinner time, but we can pretend.

2 Comments on “A Rare Sight”

  1. Heide

    Look how clean your desk is, it is a great feeling to get so cleaning accomplished. My area looks like a few bombs went off and there are scraps of paper everywhere!
    I like how nice and big your area looks.

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