Super Sunday

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Yesterday was my big Glitter Ritz class at Memories Live On. Everyone had a great time and learned a lot. For example, I learned to always add an extra hour to whatever you think the class time will be. Two hours just was just hopelessly optimistic.

I brought my camera, fully intending to take pictures of my crafters in action, but we were so busy having fun I forgot all about it.

I’m already working on designs for another glitter class, and I’m getting ready for next week’s 10 Cards/1 Stamp technique class. Also, starting in March I’ll be teaching beginning and intermediate Copic coloring on the first and second Sunday of each month. So come feed your marker obsession with me!

Today I’m wrapping up a few crochet projects that have been sitting on my desk for way too long, and I’ll probably spend most of my evening designing cards. Sorry for the lack of any actual progress to show off :o)

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  1. Libby Hickson

    Your class sounds like lots of fun, wish I could go to one! :-) And crocheting is on my long list of things I'd love to learn to do!

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