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 I made a whole bunch of hats recently. My friends are having babies at an alarming rate.

The top two hats are my own design. Not that it’s a difficult design, I’m just saying I didn’t get a pattern from anywhere. The monkey hat is adapted from The Happy Hooker. I followed the pattern for the monkey face, but the hat is made with my pattern instead of the one in the book.

If you have–or are planning to have–a baby with a cold head, you can visit my Etsy Shop for more hats. Custom designs and colors are available, so if you don’t see exactly what you want, contact me and I’ll make it. I’m adding to the collection as quickly as my fingers can crochet, and I’ll also be making selected cards available for sale in the near future.

2 Comments on “Hats”

  1. Monica Hunter

    Total cuteness! Almost makes me wish for another baby… but then I quickly come to my senses! LOL

  2. Janet

    The most adorable baby hats ever!! OMG I wish I had or knew any babies, I would get one in a flash!! Great job :o)

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