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The new toy I’m sharing today doesn’t cost any money, and isn’t even actually a thing. Still, I’ve been playing with it almost nonstop since last night, and I know as soon as you see it you’ll be addicted to.

So what is it? It’s Pinterest.

How many times have you emailed yourself a link to a knitting pattern you just had to try? Or bookmarked a tutorial? Or cut pages from catalogs for decor inspiration? And how many times have you searched through years worth of emails to try to find that pattern? Or realized your bookmark list is completely out of control? Or thrown out stacks of magazine clippings because “Hoarder” wasn’t the decor you were going for?

You need Pinterest. It’s basically a big online corkboard. Every time you see something you like, you pin it, and a picture and link will be saved to your Pinterest page. You can organize your pins by category, and keep track of everything in one place. Use it to keep your craft to-do list, find recipes, track the books you’re reading, plan your wedding, share marketing ideas with your coworkers. The possibilities are endless.

But the best part is browsing through other people’s pin boards. It’s like unlimited internet eye candy. Seriously, just go take a look. You’ll be hooked, I swear.

That’s enough gushing. I haven’t been this excited about a social medial site since–well, ever. You can find me on there at I like followers!

If you need invite, email me through the “Contact” link at the top of the page. I will send invites until they won’t allow me to send invites anymore.

And as long as we’re talking about followers, I also like blog followers! Click the little gray “follow” button to become one. Remember, big prizes when I hit 50.

While we’re at it, you might as well follow me on Twitter, too. You can find me there my clicking the little birdie that says “Follow Me.” I love getting to know my readers!

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