Needs More Feathers

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Now there are three words that you can only really get away with saying if you’re a crafter or an ornithologist.

I’m trying to come up with a fun make-and-take for the Memories Live On all-day anniversary crop, and I figure Mardi Gras is a pretty under-appreciated holiday in the scrapbooking and card-making world. But really, who doesn’t love a sweet masquerade mask? (I know, “masquerade mask” sounds redundant and weird, but I’m in the middle of an epic battle with a kidney stone and I just don’t have the brain power to figure out what to call it right now.)

It does, admittedly, need work (give me a break, I’m sick!), but at least the concept is proven. I designed and cut the mask on my Pazzles, then I just started playing with flourish stamps jewel stickers. It definitely, as I said, requires feathers (where does one buy feathers?), but it also needs something else, and I can’t figure out what that is. I’m really regretting not buying this harlequin stamp from Impression Obsession when I saw it on sale the other day. I also keep looking at my stack of glossy paper, but I’m just not sure if alcohol inks are the answer.

At any rate, this thing will be going through several more versions before February 19, so stay tuned.

No really, stay tuned. This is going to be an incredibly fun week, and just as soon as I start feeling better (please, God, let that be soon!) I’ll be back to making stuff that doesn’t suck.

3 Comments on “Needs More Feathers”

  1. Hannah Clark

    I really love the flourishes on the corners and the rows of rhinestones! As for feathers, I think you can get them at a dollar store or maybe the kids craft section at Wal-Mart. I'm not sure though. I'm looking forward to seeing what else you do with it!

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