Hello, Cupcake!

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Remember when I said every time I try to make a plain white card I end up thinking it’s boring and adding to it?

I finally did it!

I think what finally made it work is that the cupcake is perfectly sized and bright enough on it’s own that it doesn’t need further embellishment.

It’s colored with Copics over Glitter Ritz. The trick is to only apply a little of the color you want, then spread it with the colorless blender. I love this technique because the Copic ink moves and blends so easily over the glitter. It’s slightly more difficult than coloring on paper because you have to dab with the marker tip rather than brushing, but it just takes a little practice to get it right.

Of course, this wouldn’t be a post about Copics if I didn’t show off my colored pearls. They match perfectly, because I used the same colors I used for the cupcake.

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