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Once again, I’ve totally let Monday get away from me. I woke up this morning thinking I had a nice empty day ahead of me. Then just as I sat down to work I remembered Herbert had a vet appointment. So I had to rush to get us both ready to leave the house. The great thing about owning a pit bull is that they’re impervious to pain. Herbs thinks the vet is some awesome place where she gets to go and get lots and lots and lots of treats. I do worse than she does, though I will say it’s a lot easier to deal with needles when they’re not going into me.

Anyway, she’s now fully inoculated, and I’m back to work. I completely lost track of time while designing some titles on my Pazzles (it’s slicing away as I write this), and now I’m realizing that I probably won’t have any single project done in time to post today.

There’s a lot in the works, though. I have about 14 cards in various stages of the planning/designing process. Some are for Card Cupids, some are for a class involving Glitter Ritz, Peel-Off Stickers, and Copics that I’m planning for Memories Live On, and some are for another class that I just dreamed up on inking techniques. On top of that, I’m making a mini-album out of the Enchanted line from Imaginisce. I have a love-hate relationship with this thing right now. That’s what all the Pazzle-ing is for.

The plan is to get at least half of this stuff done today. Ha. I’ll let you know how that goes.

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