It’s Your Day

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This card was in the planning stage for the better part of two months. The original idea came from my mother. She often calls me to say things like “It would be really easy to make a card with three balloons. The middle balloon will say ‘It’s Your Day,’ and [read more…]

Hambo Stamps

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Before I get to the good stuff, let me share the really good stuff. I hit 50 followers last night, and that means giveaway! The magic number is:And the winner is -Melissa! Please email me via the “Contact” link at the top of the page to claim your prize.And now, [read more…]

Card Cupids Sketch Challenge

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Did you know that in addition to being an amazing charity that brings joy to children in need, Card Cupids is a great resource blog for stampers and card makers?Every Tuesday, one of the DT members posts a Tuesday Treat featuring a fun new tip, trick or technique. This week, [read more…]

Playing Catch-Up

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I’m finally starting to dig myself out from under the haze I’ve been in for the past week. No, the kidney stone isn’t gone yet, but I’m in considerably less pain and I’m generally no longer feeling like a zombie.A large portion of today was spent doing all the housework [read more…]

The Stamping Boutique

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Remember yesterday when I said this was going to be an exciting week? Well here’s part one of the excitement.I’m extremely pleased to announce that I’ve been named to The Stamping Boutique’s fabulous design team! The women on this team are extremely talented–I’m just in awe of all of their [read more…]

Needs More Feathers

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Now there are three words that you can only really get away with saying if you’re a crafter or an ornithologist. I’m trying to come up with a fun make-and-take for the Memories Live On all-day anniversary crop, and I figure Mardi Gras is a pretty under-appreciated holiday in the [read more…]