Two New Cards

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I had a pretty creative day. Every time I thought I was finished, I had a new idea and made another card. I have two to show you now. The third can’t be shown off until tomorrow, and the fifth I forgot to take a picture of, and the sixth isn’t quite done yet. That’s a lot, huh? I also spent a good portion of my morning knitting. I love Wednesdays, because Herbert goes to doggy daycare and I get to be extremely productive. Even now I’m itching to make one–actually, two–more cards, but I think I have to give it a rest for the night.

Okay, fewer words, more pictures, I know. Here.

First I have this snowman card, made with a whole bunch of my new stuff. The background was made with Alcohol inks (Denim, Stream, Pool, and Silver Mixative) on glossy cardstock. The snowman and snow flakes are from that gorgeous set of stamps I bought last week. I heat embossed the snowman, then I stamped the snowflakes with glue and sprinkled them with silver glitter.

And here I have another tea bag fold card.

I told myself this would be a really quick card, but then of course I had to add the hand stitching.
I swear these paper patterns are breeding on my desk. No matter how many cards I make with them I still have some left over.

I’m going to have to do a video tutorial on tea bag folding at some point. But then you’ll all see how easy it is. Hmm.

2 Comments on “Two New Cards”

  1. *A*

    I'm very impressed with your alcohol ink background! It's gorgeous.
    Speaking of alcohol inks, I tried to buy the Tim holtz ink blending tool that you used in your Card Cupid tutorial, but mine had felt pads instead of foam ones. I didn't read the label too closely because it was such a recognizable tool (or so I thought) and got an alcohol ink blending tool instead of the foam thing. Can I just get the foam pads and use my same tool, or are they very different?

  2. Christy

    It's the exact same tool, so you can just buy a pack of the foam and you're all set. But now that you have the felt, it sounds like it's time to try some alcohol inks!

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