Peel Off Stickers Poinsettia

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This first card was a labor of…I don’t know what. Not love. You know when you have an idea in your head of how something should look, and no matter what you do reality doesn’t match that idea?

That was me earlier this week. Eventually everything worked out, but I’m not kidding when I tell you this card took an entire day to get right.

That “Merry Christmas”? Stamped 15 times at least. I tried clear ink with black embossing powder, black ink with clear embossing powder, black ink with black embossing powder, a different black ink with clear embossing powder…you get the idea. I finally settled on plain old black ink because it would not come out any other way.

I can’t say often enough how the magic of Glitter Ritz just doesn’t come through in pictures. The second picture gives you a slightly better idea. I like to pump up the color just slightly by dabbing in slightly darker shades with Copics. You can see it a little bit in the leaves here. Also, those little pearls started out white. I colored them with Copics too. Have I mentioned how nice it is not to have to buy pearls and gemstones in every color imaginable?

Anyway, I think I perfected this design with my next card.

I finally got the embossing to work…by buying a new embossing pad. Whatever works, right?

I love this card. I feel like it would be perfect for a Christmas Wedding. It could also be adapted with a regular flower and used at any time of year.

Oh, and those flourishes? The skirt (and wing) of the angel that came in the same set as that Merry Christmas stamp. For the first card I used black ink, but stamped first on a sheet of scrap paper to get the lighter effect.

I’m entering this second one in CPS 196.

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  1. *A*

    The coloring of gemstones and pearls with Copics is REALLY tempting. I'm trying to avoid them but you make them sound so awesome!

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