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I’m at my husband’s office today. You may remember that I’m the Director of Fun here. It’s a position that’s paid in business cards, occasional free lunches, and, of course, fun. They’re making marketing videos for the latest release of their product, so I’m putting my film degree to use as their producer/editor.

Unfortunately, somebody (he) ended up double booked in meetings, which meant that somebody else (I) had to kill some time in the middle of the day. Conveniently enough, his office is located within about 5 minutes of a whole bunch of craft stores, so I went shopping.

I actually hit the first store before I came to the office this morning. Cranberry Hill Mercantile was offering a fun card class using Peel Off stickers and Glitter Ritz, and you know how addicted I am. I learned a new technique using transfer tape, and made 4 cards. Here’s one sample:

{Please forgive the abysmal iphone photos. I’ll take better ones when I get home.}

Of course I have about 12 pages of these stickers at home, so I’ll be doing a lot like this in the next few days.

Then I bought 6 new pots of glitter to take advantage of the class participant discount.

I later hit two yarn shops looking for supplies for hats, but neither one had what I was looking for. Luckily, I hit pay dirt at Michael’s. I got three balls of yarn, six spools of ribbon in various common colors (just because I never seem to have quite what I want), and these awesome stamps.

Oh my god I am in love with them. Look at that Angel!

As you may already know, Tim Holtz’s 12 Tags of Christmas started yesterday, and I am totally going to be combining some of these stamps with his techniques.

I foresee a super-fun, super-craft filled weekend!

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