My Amazing Grandparents

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This post is all about my heroes, Granny and Moredad, illustrated with a scrapbook that my sister-in-law, Joy and I made for them earlier this year. Joy organized everything, then we divided the pages and got to work.

Joy’s layout. “When you look at your life, the greatest happinesses are family happinesses.”

All through my life, these two have been the ultimate support system and inspiration. When we were little, Moredad kept a handkerchief in his back pocket at all times, and any time a tear needed to be dried it was right there. As we grew up, Granny kept a stash of candy in her pantry, always ready for a visit from any of us.

This is the one layout Joy and I split. Her page featuring my Uncle Peter and Aunt Claudia is on the left. My page, featuring my parents, is on the right.

For many years, they lived about 5 minutes from us. Close enough for my little brother to ride his bike when he ran away, and conveniently nearby the day the car broke down while my older brother and I were on our way to school.

My layout. My older brother, Christopher, and Moredad share a love of the show MASH.

Their beach house, the “Calm C Getaway” (which stood for Christopher, Andrew, Laura, Michael and Christina–their grandchildren at the time the house was built), is the home of some of my greatest memories. The most recent of those memories was my bachelorette party, when they generously turned the house over to my cousins and best friends for a weekend of fun.

My layout. When my husband and I were married, Moredad sang our first dance song, “You’re Nobody ‘Til Somebody Loves You.” It’s my favorite memory from the entire wedding day.

Moredad served on the Maryland State House of Delegates for 12 years. Granny had a collection of gorgeous gowns that she wore to political dinners and such. My sister and I still love playing dress-up with them. My mom doesn’t, because we still make as big a mess as we did when we were kids.

Joy’s layout. She and my brother were married last April, and I love having another crafter in the family! I love her sentiment here: “A fuzzy photo…a clear memory forever in our hearts.”

In 1999, the same year I graduated from High School, Moredad earned his college degree from the National Labor College. He continues to take classes, the most recent of which being an algebra course that he took over the summer, just for fun.

Joy’s Layout. My brother Andy is the joker of the family, and also a huge Cowboy’s fan. He’ll also tell you (over and over and over again) that he’s the favorite grandchild.

The biggest scrapbook I ever made (which ended up being 2 scrapbooks) was for their 60th wedding anniversary, 3 and a half years ago. Yeah, you read that right. They’ve been married for almost 64 years. And they still dance in the kitchen.

My Layout. My sister changes her hairstyles like most people change clothes. The picture of the two of us holding hands is my grandmother’s favorite pose, so we take similar pictures together at all kinds of big family events.

Every five years since their 50th, they’ve taken the whole family on a cruise. We’ve been to the Mediterranean, Bermuda, and New England. They also joined our family on a trip to Scandinavia. They like to participate in the “Newlywed Game,” which happens on every cruise ship ever. Their answer to the final question is a thing of legend.

Joy’s layout. The quote on the left is “Life’s a dance you learn as you go. Sometimes you lead, sometimes you follow. The page on the left features my Aunt Marcie and Uncle Mike.

Last August, Moredad turned 89, and they moved from the beach house to an independent living complex close to my parents, aunts and uncles. The scrapbook was part of their housewarming/birthday gift.

Joy’s Layout. My cousin Michael was a really cute baby. I don’t know what happened.

They seem to be having fun there. In fact, I think their social schedule is more active than mine. My grandmother is a speed demon with her new walker, but she will remind you every time she lets go of it how important it is to make sure you put the brakes on.

My Layout. My youngest cousin, Julie, graduated from high school last year. When did everyone get so old??

Christmas was the first time I’ve been home since they moved. I miss them terribly, but it was wonderful to see how well they’re doing. Christmas was also the first time I got to see the completed scrapbook. It’s beautiful, if I do say so myself. I just had to share it.

My layout. You may have noticed from the Christmas post that mine is a family who enjoys their alcoholic beverages. It seemed appropriate to end the book with a toast.

If you’ve never made a scrapbook with someone else, I highly recommend it. Joy and I both have our own styles, but everything came together really nicely.

Unfortunately, I forgot to bring the good camera when we visited my grandparents’ new place, so I apologize for the iPhone pictures, which came out even worse than I thought they would. At least you’ll get a general idea, though. And this gives me a perfect excuse to visit home again–I have to get better pictures!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful 2010, and I wish you all the happiest and healthiest New Year!

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  1. Joy

    Truly a fabulous project to be a part of, it is a piece of art! Great post to kick off 2011, and shows that even from differt states, working together on a project like this can be done easily … and with a smile!

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