Card Factory (Part Deux)

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Remember all the little trees I said were on my desk yesterday? Still there, I just added to them. I also managed to turn a few of them into actual cards.

My desk is at that blissful point of messiness where I can’t find a thing if I actually look for it, but everything I need is right there when I reach for it. You can’t see the mess in the picture because I cropped it out, just in case my grandmother finds her way in front of a computer someday.

As you can see, I love Christmas trees. We’re not getting one this year because we’re traveling for Christmas and we didn’t see the point of buying one just to take it down before we left. So I’m decorating paper trees this year.  At least there aren’t pine needles everywhere.

My campaign for followers is off to a good start. I’ve decided to make the prize winner’s choice. So, if I get 50 followers by Christmas, and if you are the lucky random winner, you will get either 5 Copics, 10 Spicas, a Glitter Ritz/Peel Off starter kit, a set of hand-made cards, or a big box of candy (because I know not all of my followers are crafters, but who doesn’t like candy?). So click that button!

2 Comments on “Card Factory (Part Deux)”

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