Card Cupids Use Your Stash Challenge

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Have I mentioned that we’re now doing weekly challenges over at Card Cupids? This week’s is to make a card using all items that you already have in your stash. This can be difficult, given how easy it is to convince yourself that your project just won’t be complete until you have some different paper, or new embellishment, or other marker color. I know all you craft-aholics know what I’m talking about.

So, here’s what I made.

My first bit of inspiration came while I was coloring. I’ve mentioned before that the V10s are my go-to color combo for girls’ clothes. I even used them in last week’s challenge. I sat here and stared at my Copics, wanting to do something different, but needing to limit myself to colors I already owned. My eyes landed on the Oranges. I’ve also probably mentioned that I’m a big fan of Orange.

Turned out, I also had a spool of orange ribbon that’s been hanging out in my stash for years. Perfect. I accented with blue, and embossed the colored paper with my Sizzix.

Partly because I’ve been relying pretty heavily on straight, neat layouts lately, and partly because I wanted to show off the embossing on the orange paper, I decided to mix up the positioning with random diagonals. I think the end result is fun and cute and perfect for a kid who needs a little cheering up, don’t you?

2 Comments on “Card Cupids Use Your Stash Challenge”

  1. Tracy

    Such a sweet card.
    I have never used copics before. I am just starting to dabble in colouring in images.

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