Two Things

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I went shopping today as a means of procrastination, and finally got the yarn I need to make my Christmas stockings.

As a bonus, my sister finally sent pictures of our existing stockings. Unfortunately, the Blogger servers keep rejecting my image uploads, so you can’t see them just yet. UPDATE: Blogger doesn’t hate me anymore!

Joy asked for a snowlady to match Michael’s, and my husband asked for Rudolph to match the stocking he had as a child. I also bought myself some pretty new bamboo needles. To be fair, the smallest size needle I own is 8, and these patterns call for a 6 or 7, so the purchase was totally justified. AND, it comes out of my Christmas budget rather than my craft budget; so there!

I’d also been dying to try to make the ornaments from this tutorial by Jennifer McGuire. So I did. Trust me when I tell you they came out well. UPDATE: Told ya!

I’m sick of trying to fix blogger, so I’m going to go fit in 2 hours of studying before I start writing. I’ll try to re-upload the pictures tonight or tomorrow morning.

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