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Last time I was in Memories Live On, they gave me a sheet of Penny Black stickers and asked me to make some sample cards with them. I don’t use a lot of stickers, so the sheet sat on the corner of my desk for days, taunting me.

I finally decided, since many of the stickers were fairly large, to let the images speak for themselves and use clean, simple designs.

I love the shades of teal in the border and leaves of this sticker, and was so excited to find that Bazzill Basics Blue Oasis was a near-perfect match. I love this card, but figured it would be boring if I used all the stickers the same way.

Then I remembered some gorgeous cards I’d seen that used Glitter Ritz Highlight to add shimmer to plain images. Not sure how it would turn out, I tested the technique on a gift tag.

I hate the tag; the paper shifted in while I was cutting it, which drove the sticker off center. That said, I did like the glitter effect enough to use it on some of the other stickers.

The next couple of cards were more of a struggle. I had two sheets of TPC Studio papers, also from MLO, that I wanted to use with the stickers. I wanted to use the whimsical trees from the Holly Jolly O’Christmas sheet, but they were too big for a standard card. So, I turned the sheet into a tall card.

The ornament stickers are coated in glitter, which goes nicely with the glittery snowflakes on the paper.

Since the inside of the card was patterned, I added a panel of white cardstock, then dressed up the top with another sticker.  There’s plenty of room to sign below.

The next card also features TPC Papers. It actually started as the background for the small ornament stickers, but everything I tried looked way too busy. Then I realized the wreath sticker blended perfectly, and it all came together.

Finally, I wanted to do one more card with glitter. I went back to clean and simple for this design, this time with a more muted blue background, which I think is a little more elegant.

And that’s how I spent my Friday. Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!

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