New Toy Tuesday: Stamps!

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The last two days of my life have been devoted to Harry Potter. I made plans to see the 7th movie today, but had never seen the 6th (I know, what kind of fan am I?). So yesterday I walked to Target and bought The Half Blood Prince (because you can’t stream it anywhere online. Thanks HBO.) and watched it. I’m glad I did, because unless you know what they skipped in the 6th movie, you won’t understand what they switched around in the 7th. But I won’t give any further spoilers than that.

Anyway, I spent the ride home wondering what I was going to write about, seeing as how I haven’t had time to craft all week. But look what was waiting in my mailbox for me. The perfect kind of mail for a Tuesday.

Marci and Luka! This little super hero is going to find his way onto lots of cards for Card Cupids. He’s so perfect for boy cards, right? And I just can’t resist Marci’s winter coat. I can’t wait to start coloring. In fact, I think that’s what I’ll go do now.

PS – I also got a spare camera battery over the weekend. This means if I ever use a dead battery as an excuse not to have pictures, you’ll know I’m lying.

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