Play Dough: Why Not?

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I didn’t even realize until after I posted yesterday that it was Tuesday and I should have been telling you about a new toy. We’ll just pretend that was intentional and go back to regularly scheduled New Toy Tuesdays next week. Okay? Okay.

Originally today I planned to work on a card for the latest challenge on Copic Creations. Then I realized I need (want) a few more colors before the image looks the way I want it to. I could have run to the craft store today, but then I remembered that I have to stop by my husband’s office tomorrow. (I’m the Director of Fun for his company, and there’s some fun going on that needs directing.) Anyway, he works just a few blocks away from the craft store, and it seemed silly to waste a trip when I’d be right there tomorrow.

So, I decided to make playdough. Why? Why not? Who doesn’t love playdough? I found this extremely simple recipe, using all ingredients I already had in the house.  It took about ten minutes to make, 5 minutes to cool (I broke it into little nuggets to cool faster), and provided me with about an hour of mooshing and squooshing fun. Supposedly this stuff will keep for a few days in the fridge, but I’ll believe it when I see it. I’ve never had homemade playdough last more than a few hours.

It’s lumpier and grittier than the good, store-bought stuff, but it’s also a lot cheaper. So, fair trade I guess. Overall I rate it a great project for anyone with kids. Or, you know, anyone without kids who finds herself looking for something to do on a lazy afternoon.

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