New Toy Tuesday: Stocking Patterns

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I am very excited about the next project on my to-do list.

Everyone in my family has matching Christmas stockings that were knitted by either my grandmother or my cousin Gail. [I don’t have a picture. SISTER: If you send me old Christmas pictures that include the stockings I’ll take down the embarrassing one of you below.]

Anyway, in the last two years, we’ve added two members to the family: my husband, Jesse, and my sister-in-law, Joy. Christmas was very difficult for my mother last year, because the only way she could have matching stockings displayed on her mantle was to buy us all new, boring ones.

Say Hi to my sister!

They’re cute stockings, but they’re just not the same. Everyone–including those of us who weren’t even in town last Christmas–missed the old ones.

So this year, I’m fixing the problem. My cousin still had the patterns for the old stockings, so she mailed copies to me last week. They arrived on Saturday. I can’t wait to get started. I just need to hit the yarn shop (I think a project of this magnitude warrants really pretty knitting needles, right?) and get started.

Jesse will be getting a Santa Clause (top right), and Joy will either get the Snowcouple, Rudolph, or a modified (female) snow(wo)man [JOY: Do you have a preference?].

I am, at best, a novice knitter. I can handle the stockinette stitch, but all the color changes, and that whole “turning a heel” thing, may prove to be a challenge. Add to that the fact that I need to modify the patterns to account for the fact that our stockings face the opposite direction. Yikes. I hope 2 months is enough time.

I’ll certainly keep you updated on my progress

4 Comments on “New Toy Tuesday: Stocking Patterns”

  1. Kelley

    Do you know where I could get the patterns for those? My great aunt made me the Rudolph one for my first Christmas (31 years ago), and I'd love to make some more for my girls.

  2. Christy

    Kelley – they're Mary Maxim patterns. The company still exists (, but I don't know if they still produce these patterns.

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