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Technically I’ve been using this paper trimmer long enough that it doesn’t qualify as new, but it is one of my newer acquisitions, and it’s also the one tool that I think every papercrafter should have*.

I’m going to get into specifics here, because not all paper trimmers–not even all Fiskars trimmers–are created equal. There are three basic types: the bypass trimmer, the track trimmer, and the rotary. I’ve used all three, and by far prefer the rotary.

Track trimmers are very common and are generally the cheapest. The latest models have a little wire in them that tells you exactly where the cut line will be. The problem with these is that the blade is tiny, and dulls quickly. Even on the first cut with a new blade I was never completely happy with the edge, and forget about cutting more than one sheet of cardstock at a time.

Bypass trimmers give a nice clean edge, but they’re a lot bulkier and heavier than the other options. I also find it more difficult to keep my paper from shifting with these guys, and often ended up with crooked cards. Finally, since you’re dealing with a hinged blade, your edges will become less precise as the screw loosens. I ruined one of these because I was pushing in so much to compensate for the loose connection that I shaved a portion of the blade away. Oops.

And now for my love, the rotary trimmer. Since the blade rolls through the paper, you get a clean, precise edge every time. The clear rail is nice and wide so you can keep a good grip on your paper, and the cut is made right along the edge, which to me is just as good as having a wire guide. And, it has optional decorative blades for fancy cuts!

The model I have is the 12″ Scrapbooking Rotary Paper Trimmer, and I use it every single day. I have yet to change the blade, though I’m about halfway through my cut bar (it can be rotated 4 times before you need to change it). I can trim just 1/16 of an inch and still have a straight cut. That’s basically impossible on the other models. It’s worth it’s weight in gold.

*That’s not to say I think papercrafters should limit themselves to one tool…

3 Comments on “New Toy Tuesday: Paper Trimmer”

  1. Anonymous

    Great review! I kind of think it varies person to person though. I've had several rotary trimmers and track trimmers and the track trimmers are by FAR my favorite! I have the track version of the one you have pictured and I love it. I can cut multiple sheets and always get a crisp line.

    Now with the rotary trimmers I've had… phew! That's another story! Yikes! Crooked lines, sheets ripping and jamming.. the list goes on.

    I just find it interesting how something works for someone, but not for another.

    Regardless, great review! I wish more people would put up detailed reviews like this!

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  3. Joyce Dover

    This is a great cutter/trimmer. It’s lightweight, portable, and very accurate in its cuts. You simply release the lock on top, open the cutter flap, insert your paper/picture, close the cutter flap, lock it back up (this feature is used to hold the paper/picture in place so that you don’t have to use your fingers and get smudge marks on your work) then you use the built in alignment guide (its a very fine piece of metal wire) to precisely set your cutting line, when you are ready, simply move the cutter blade up and you are done, a perfect cut. Even If you make a mistake and you want to fix your work, simply replace your paper/picture back into the unit and cut again. The blade is very sharp, I was able to fix a few of my “BAD” cut’s back to perfection. I highly recommend this product.

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