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Sorry for the late post today. I went up to the city to meet some old friends for dinner, and didn’t get my pictures edited before I left. Eating is a hobby too, though, right?

So, I know it’s been all Christmas all the time around here, and I’m getting tired of it, too. It’s not even October yet! (Though it will be by the time most of you read this.) I just want you all to know I understand, and I fully intend to change that…soon.

My intent for today was to show off some of the progress I’ve made on the Ireland scrapbook. But to be honest, there’s not much progress to be shown. And then, when I sat down to actually knock out a few pages I got distracted by iris folding and made this instead.

What is it? Nothing, really. I guess you can call it a prototype for some future card. I make a lot of prototypes. Sometimes making the elements that will go on the card is more fun than making the card itself, you know?

I like this tree for the most part. The pattern is fun and the colors work well together. But I didn’t do a fabulous job of cutting the frame, and the white cardstock is too plain. There’s still a lot of playing around to do before this will be usable.

Anyway, if you’ve never tried iris folding before, it’s a really fun, easy craft. If you can fold paper, count, and work a tape dispenser, you can iris fold. I drew this template myself, which added about 15 minutes to the whole process, but you can get free ones from the google.

No, I didn’t clean my desk today. What are you gonna do about it?

All you need is the cutout frame and the drawing. Just stick the cutout over the drawing (I use post-its to hold it in place) and tape your folded strips of paper down along the lines. Easy as pie!

You want to use thin paper for this, otherwise it gets very bulky very fast.

So that’s what I accomplished today. I swear, though, Ireland scrapbook tomorrow. Really. Probably.

Oh, and as an apology for the incredibly lame post tonight, I give you curious doggy pictures after the jump:

Oh Herbert, you’re the cutest 70lb girl puppy with a boy’s name ever!

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