Help, Please (And A Mini Giveaway)

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For every card I post on the blog, there are 2 or three that I don’t, usually because reality just doesn’t live up to the idea in my head. I realize that a lot of very creative and artistic people read this blog, so I figured that instead of just throwing out my “crap-fts” as I call them, I’d give them a chance to be fixed.

This is one of those cards. I had this idea kicking around in my head for weeks before I actually made the card. The lightbulbs are from a Sizzix die, and are (of course) covered in Glitter Ritz. The “cord” is elastic thread. I still love the idea, but the final product is missing…something. It just doesn’t look quite finished.

So what is it? Do I need a colored background? Textured? Maybe some pine needles or holly leaves stamped back there? Leave your suggestions in the comments. If I like your idea best I’ll make 5 copies of the new improved card for you to send out this Christmas.

Rules for entry:
1. Only ideas submitted via comments on this blog post are eligible.
2. Multiple entries are fine.
3. The deadline for entry is Sunday, October 24 at Midnight Pacific.
4. Winner will be announced on Friday, October 29 (because I’ll need some time to try out the suggestions).

23 Comments on “Help, Please (And A Mini Giveaway)”

  1. Anonymous

    From a non-craft mind: I'd move one of the red from the bottom to the top. I'd also add a metal loop to "attach" the lightbulbs to the cord. They seem to just lay on the cord. Maybe an outlet on one end of the cord too?

  2. nicoleg1982

    You definitely need some sort of background – faux tree branches, an antler, Mrs. Claus' leg with the lights wrapped around it, a metallic finish, something.

    I also recommend less glitter and more unicorns.

    FTR, I do not like this card at all (see glitter removal) and don't want 5 copies. I just like to criticize. :)

  3. Anonymous

    I like the card. But, since you want suggestions,(and I want to win) I would suggest a more colorful background and perhaps some red cord added to the green cord. Maybe the edges could be cut with a fancy scissors to add more interest.

    Mary Rita Winpisinger

  4. Anonymous

    What I said on the other board. It won't let me copy and paste. That makes me so mad, I am going to go eat some paste.

  5. jlm8668

    Less is more, I think. It looks really clean and modern, which I like, so holly leaves/pine needles might seem out of place. I'm not sure it needs any more elements – maybe mix up the placement of the lights so it's red/green on top and red/green on bottom and play with the cord so it's more than just one loop in the middle?

    I'd be thrilled to get it as a Christmas card just the way it is – but I'd be thrilled to get any of your stuff.

  6. Suzanne

    I think alternating red/green & attaching the bulbs to the string somehow would help. (Or you could switch to mini-LED instead of yankee bulbs) I like white lights, so maybe you could make the background darker and use white glitter for the bulbs?

  7. Anonymous

    There are a couple of things wrong with this.

    1) The balance is off–it's top heavy due to the placement of the green bulbs and the red bulb on the right.

    2) Basic design rule: groups of 3 or 5 are more appealing than even numbers.

    Basically, nix one of the bulbs and re-organize the layout.

  8. DGC

    I would use different colored bulbs – think multicolored strand with that hot pink, bright blue, yellow, plus red and green.

    And if you used a smaller die, you might be able to put 5 on there – I think an odd number would help things not look so forced/symmetrical.

    I like the plain background, especially since there is some depth/shadow to the bulbs. You'd lose that if you put a busy background behind it.

  9. Jamie Lane

    I like the white background. I am addicted to border punches and score marks, so if this were my design, I would use the white background and create a inside rectangle with score marks, just 1/4" off the outside edges. I would then place a scallop border across the top (maybe a couple) and then add a pretty bow at the top of all the scallop borders. Move the bulbs down so the border shows and maybe add in a text shape or stamp that says " Merry and 'bright' " at the bottom left (inside the score marks)!

    However, it is really cute as it is – really it is just what comforts you! :)

    Off to look at more of your work!

  10. *A*

    I like that the bulbs are on a cream background, so I'd leave that, but I think I'd add another latter of patterned paper so that it makes sort of a border around the bulbs. so it would be your cardbase, patterned and then cream again.
    I'd also remove one bulb and arrange the remaining three to fill the space.
    And then I'd stamp a Merry Christmas on there somewhere!

  11. Steph

    I would add wording…think of holiday words that are 3 or 4 letters long like "joy!" or "noel" and put one letter/punctuation mark onto each bulb.

    I otherwise like the clean look of it…you could go even cleaner and make the bulbs go straight across instead of swirling.

  12. Anonymous

    Like a PP, I was thinking 3 blubs, a silver cord instead of green and a textured background. Perhaps a pearlized background paper run through a corrugating tool…also a small greeting set off on it's own paper also elevated, as well.
    Good luck!

  13. Megan

    i would write Joys of the Season across the front of the card and make the lights smaller so that they could wrap around the words, like a sign being lit up

  14. Angela

    I agree you need an odd number of lights, but think 3 is too few, so I would use 5. I also agree the cord should be silver and I like Jamie's idea of using the words "Merry and Bright" on the outside. Other than that, I like the simplicity of the white or cream background, but would like to see pine needles embossed on the cardstock.

  15. Anonymous

    It needs a greeting and an odd number of bulbs. Add a greeting onto a fifth bulb, or take away one and put the greeting on one of the remaining bulbs. Add a border.

  16. ellen s.

    i would say a title or a fifth bulb. i work in odd numbers, LOL!

    the detail is amazing though, really it's beautiful!

  17. Mary

    I think there should be an odd number of bulbs. Maybe a colored background, but not necessarily a pattern or anything to distract you. Can the bulbs be smaller? I feel like they are kind of "in-your-face." Oh, and a small greeting in the corner would be nice.

  18. Anonymous

    I'm not very creative so I'm not here to suggest ideas, but to agree with other people. Some are suggesting you alternate the color of the lights, but I can see that you tried to do that already. You should definitely use an odd number when designing things. I also like the words Merry and Bright because it goes with the "lightulb" theme.

    Your little sis

  19. Marcie

    I would add inking to the edges of the card in either red or green, or maybe even black & a small greeting somewhere on the card.

  20. Tracy

    This is a really pretty card. I like the idea.
    But only because you asked, I would suggest that you take off one bulb (the green one, I like red :) ) Stamp a sentiment on white cardstock, then back the sentiment with some pattern paper with red +green in it.

  21. Amy

    I think you should decorate the background to look like a gift. It will give the illusion that the lights have fallen on a gift box. You can make the cards of different gift boxes.

  22. Liz

    I'd add a layer underneath, either red or green, then the cream layer, but string the bulbs straight across the top, and put an embossed label with the sentiment centered on the bottom.

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