Bear With Me

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We’re coming up on that time of year when everyone gets really busy. I have a few things coming up in November that are going to make daily crafting a bit of a challenge.

First, as I mentioned yesterday, I have 2 Christmas stockings that need to be completed in under 2 months’ time. That’s not a lot of time when you’ve never knitted a stocking before.

Second, next Monday marks the start of Nanowrimo. For those who are unaware, it’s a time when lovable dorks around the world devote their entire month to the completion of novels that will likely never be published. The challenge is 50,000 words in 30 days. I’ve completed it twice, and I’m going for 3. But, as you can imagine, coming up with 1,667 original words per day takes up a lot of creative real estate. I’m sure there will be days when the card-designing portion of my brain is completely overpowered.

Third, I’m taking the GMAT on November 11, and as of right now I suck at math. I used to be at least decent at it, so my hope is that with 2 more weeks of cramming my performance will at least be Not Embarrassing.

Add that to hosting Thanksgiving, finishing my Christmas cards, applying to grad schools, and generally making sure the house doesn’t fall down around us, and I’m busier than I’ve been in quite awhile. But I have to say, it’s not a bad feeling.

I’m not abandoning the blog by any means, I just want to apologize in advance if my posts get a little bit sporadic.

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