A Load of Blarney

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I have another scrapbook spread to show you! At this rate I should have the book done around the same time I send out my Christmas cards…

This is part two of our day at Blarney Castle, featuring a lot more pictures. I actually planned the layout with white paper. but thought it looked too plain. Then I remembered this cobblestone paper I’ve had in my stash for years, and decided it was perfect. It looks just like the walls at Blarney.

Look how green the grass is. That’s not Photoshop! Working on this album makes me want to go back, like right now.

Cardstock: ProvoCraft Rock Pathway, orange from my stash, green from the commemorative folder I got when I bought the picture.
Adhesive: Pioneer Photo Squares

Other Equipment:
Fiskars Rotary Paper Trimmer

(wow, that was simple)

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