Obsessions: A Non-Exhaustive List

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Generally speaking, if it’s a craft, I want to do it. If it’s a craft that requires tons of equipment, I want to do it harder. Here, I will attempt to keep a running list of the things I especially enjoy. I fully expect it to grow and change over time.


Crocheting – I love making tiny baby hats. The tinier, the better. I would love to make a nice cozy blanket. Maybe a winter project.

Knitting – Sometimes I knit tiny baby hats. I don’t knit much else though. I’ve been wanting to attempt a sweater, but truth be told, I’m skeered.

Copic Markers – I want them ALL. They are so easy to use and who doesn’t love to color?

Peel-Off Stickers and Glitter Ritz – Ohmigod. My local craft store just had a demo with Els van de Burgt. The possibilities are endless; the website doesn’t even show half of what you can do. I’m in love.

Ten Seconds Studio Metal Embossing – Again with the endless possibilities. These sheets of malleable metal can be cut, crumpled, embossed, sanded, you name it. So much fun.

Iris Folding – An extremely simple papercraft that looks so complex. It makes the prettiest cards.

Writing – This is my third blog. The other two are about homebrewing (maybe I should add that to the list), and advice. I may or may not also be attempting to write a novel or two.

Homebrewing – One of these days, I’ll make a beer that really tastes like beer. I get closer with every batch.

Cooking – I’m a mess in the kitchen, actually, but I still like to try.

Cake Decorating – Remember when I said the more supplies required for a hobby the more I want to do it? Yeah.

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